Terms and Conditions
Electronics Repair and Maintenance
1) All labor charges are based on an hourly rate of the posted labor fee. This includes fractional segments of the clock hour, Meaning: (Fraction Thereof).
Example 1 min. - 59 mins. are charged as 1 hour or 60 mins.

2) All prices are subject to change without prior notice, Meaning: Prices are set by the company and are based on the discretion of the management body of Electron-Age Technologies LLC.

3) The Starter Service Fee is to be viewed as a non-returnable deposit on the start of any contracted (agreed upon estimated) work and may go upto but not exceed 33% of the total estimated cost of the repair. The charge of the Starter Service Fee is Non-Negotiable and determined by the officers of Electron-Age Technologies LLC.

4) Maryland state taxes are not included in the estimated cost and are set at 6% of the total repair cost.

5) The actual repair cost may be within 10% - 20% of the estimated cost, not including taxes, and is based on issues and or problems found during additional troubleshooting procedures.

6) A Services Fee of $75.00 and an Estimate Fee of $10.00 will be charged upon departure from customers premises (Non-Negotiable).
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